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The Farm to Plate Network is made up of farm and food system businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, funders, educational institutions and community groups all working together to reach the 25 goals in the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan, as well as to advance their own organizations’ goals. Members convene as Working Groups, Cross-cutting Teams, and Task Forces to work on high impact projects that no one organization can do on their own, as well as assess gaps, opportunities, and trends and monitor progress towards F2P goals.


The Farm to Plate Network is an implementation and governance network designed to enable coordinated collaboration and monitoring of progress in implementing the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan and to enhance the participating organizations’ ability to meet their own goals.

What are we all working towards? In 10 years, as a result of our collective efforts, Vermonters will consume twice as much locally produced food as they do today, and farmers and other food enterprises will be taking advantage of even greater access to local, regional and national markets for the good, healthy food they produce. In addition, Vermont will be the national leader in food system vitality, equity, sustainability, and innovative best practices that become ubiquitous across agriculture and food systems in the United States.

Overview of the Farm to Plate Network Structure & Purpose [PDF, 3.12 MB] 

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